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Annual general meeting

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Presidents Message
President of Lanka Shishyadhara Society Limited
As the President of the Lanka Shishyadhara Scociety Limited, I have the pleasure in announcing the growth of our Society from 1920 to this date by leaps and bounds. Originally our Society was started by three enterprising persons namely, Muhandiram B. M. F. Jayaratne, Prof. J.P.C.Chandrasena and Ayur. Doctor R.J.F.Vaidyakularatne of Colombo. Our Society from its humble beginning has now reached great heights especially due to the untiring efforts of Wing. Commander Noel Fernando who was the President of our Society till the year 2000.
Our Society has helped a great number of students in the field of Higher Education and at present 130 students are recipients of scholarships for Higher education.

I would appreciate and will be much obliged, if you, our relations could help our Society by way of financial contribution to help the needy children in achieving their goals in the field of education.Our Society is an approved Charity and you will be entitled to tax benefits for contributions made.
Yamuna Balasuriya
President. (Attorney - At-Low),
# 13/29A, 3rd Lane, Koswatta Rd, Nawala, Sri Lanka.
Telephone : +94 - 11 - 2 889 182,   2 553 076
Email :
Patrent Message
Patrent of Lanka Shishyadhara Society Limited
It was in the early 1980’s, that a few committed members of the Lanka Shishyadhara Society, that requested of me to join the Society, which I did as a committed member under the Presidency of the Late Mr.B. C. F. Jayaratne.The membership was not large at that time, and the Trust fund could not afford to make payments to a number of students, very much deserving, who sought assistance from our Society.With the passage of time, and my appointment as President of the Society, I was indeed fortunate to be blessed with a committee who were a very dedicated lot with -
innovative ideas, mainly, to raise funds for the Society and also to search out for more deserving students to enhance their knowledge, and for the Society to donate scholarships.

The memorial scholarship scheme was one such idea that was introduced to our community, and many benefactors came forward to contribute generously in memory of those dearly beloved relatives/friends whom they had lost. Today, we are almost at the target we set out of Rs. 5 Million for the Trust fund and our student population being 150 or more.

I relinquished the post of Presidency, when I saw younger members in my committee, who could do much more given the opportunity and authority, and this gave birth to our first lady President of the Society, now ably assisted by an equally capable lady Vice President, and a good committee of members.

I humbly request my relatives and friends, to extend the same support I had from all of you during my tenure of office, to the present committee and the Society at large.

"May the blessings of the Triple Gem be with you always!"
Wg. Cdr. Noel Fernando.
"Swarna Mahal"
# 113, Model Farm Rd, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka.
TEL - +94-11- 2696200 / 094-11 - 2435665 / 011 - 94- 2421931
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