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මැතිදුනි ඔබට නිවන් සුව.!

ලංකා ශිෂ්යාධාර සංගමයේ අනුශාසක වින්ග් කමාන්ඩර් ...

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commety meeting

Next commety meeting will be held on 

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Lanka Shishyadhara Society Ltd...
Lanka Shishyadhara Society Ltd was established on 31st July 1920. Today there are about 1600 members representing all parts of the country. The main objective of this Society is to help the poor and the needy students to pursue their education.

For the last 93 years this Society has financially assisted a great number of students. Today they are holding high and responsible positions in our country as well foreign countries. Amongst the students who receive assistance there are university students and also other talented students.
The Society helps them financially and with equipments necessary for education. The Society has thought of a new concept of helping those students who are qualified to pursue higher education in universities in foreign countries. To make this programme a success the Society seeks your help to obtain scholarships from foreign universities.
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